Baumberauschen 2

Socially healing an abandoned park with sound art

A Sound Chapel for Contemplation in Berlin
The installation was thought as a social rescue-project for a small isolated park located at the heart of Kreuzberg, a famous and now fast-developing district in Berlin. The small “Island” (”Die insel”, as the place is officially known) was a spot for young people's mobil-recorded fights and violent "wars” with stones. Because of this, “Die Insel” was not visited at all. Thanks to the installation the place is now a "Chapel" for the people to listen, to feel the wind, to read, to chill-out or even to perform Tai Chi. Even that youngs —who bandalized the installation two times—, come sometimes just to peacefully smoke and chat.

Open from June to October 2009


Baumberauschen is a The-Tilt e.V. initiative comissioned by the European Union and other local agencies.



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