Italy - Sotavento


Venue: GSLI, Florence, Italy
remiere: 12th May 2006
Sound design in Italian: Lorenzo Brusci

Sound design Spanish: Iftah Gabbai
Sound - management - software: Iftah Gabbai

Software and connectivity: Oori Shalev

Installation design: GSLI

Thanks to the support from the Giardino Sonoro


The tree at the GSLI. It was planted by purpose in March 2006


April 2006 — Oori and Iftah working on the setup


April 2006 — Iftah underground


May 2006 — After the opening


May 2006 — After the opening


The tree in the Giardino Sonoro, in Florence. Image by Google Earth.

43°45'14.53"N   11°14'46.86"E