Interaktion Festival 2

16 musicians in 8 random duos competing for the best interaction. The audience votes!

The Interaktion Festival 2 featured 16 innovative musicians from Berlin's vibrant sub-culture. Chosen through an open call, these performers crossed scene-boundaries and genre-paradigms by improvising beyond known formats. During the competition, a virtual roulette randomly conformed 8 duos for a 12 minutes performance. Having to resolve their interaction immediately on stage - these top musicians responded with unique sound-combinations and surprising resolutions. The audience voted for the best two duos and it was actively engaged in the event. The Festival awarded two ironic "first" and "second" prizes with real money... and then... some colleagues jumped to the chair away from the mouse!
This festival has received vast interest by musicians and the general public in Berlin and across Europe. The Festival triggered wide discussions over the boundaries of free improvisation, contest, money prizes, genres, "free thinkers" gehttos, and the roll of German institutions supporting this music. It has been a center of interesting debates and articles. Nevertheless, due to the lack of institutional support, the planned 2010 edition could not be realized.





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