A Sound, Wind and Water Installation

Small amounts of water and sound joint to create a "japanese" atmosphere. The wind decides which sounds are to be heard. The water breeze, coming from 2 small sprinklers, is also directly influenced by the wind. Several sound families are programmed, including 23 Summer-haikus recorded in Japanese and organized following a wind-activity aura. The sprinklers create a sense of a time-isolated drizzle. Droping water creates also sound on the metal speakers. Even in a sunny day, the drizzle remains, the tree is wet, the birds stop by and the wind plays with us.


Summer 2010, daily from 10:00 to 20:00, non-stop. Free entry.


This project is kindly supported by the European Union (Soziale Stadt Program), The City of Berlin, the Wrangelkiez, The Federal Government of Germany and Interzone (metalbau).



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