Images - the Birth of a Ship

The Birth of a Ship  

Live-electronics, Ships and Percussion


Both the "fetus" (an artistic wood-model of a "primitive" ship to be assembled in front of the audience), and the watching ships (the ships at the exhibition in the Museum) are "animated" by a live-electronics performer (at the fetus) and three percussion performers (at the ships). The Live-electronics performer is suited with a pair of gloves with sensors. These gloves generate sound from any touched object in such a way the construction process of the "primitive" ship always sound as far as the performer touches the assembling parts. The ships, machines and motors at exhibition are "alive" (the percussion performers use them as percussion instruments as sounding moppets, as dramatic characters) and react to the gloves performer efforts.

  A view at the gallery and corridors, with the ship "CC" at exhibition .

The place and the instruments. The ships and machines at the exhibition are identified here with double letters: AA, BB, CC, DD and XX. The two "XX" spots are the places for the live-electronics performers: gloves and surround.


AA: The Motor of the "LUITPOLD"

BB: The Machine room of the "JEAN -COUSIN"

CC: The well known "KURT HEINZ".



The "baby" ship on the blue table

To be assembled in 7 sections: Six  tables and one mast. Each assembling part of this small ship is related with a score. Right after the mast is assembled, the final section is played on this ship.