The Tilt e.V. (i.G.) are:

Carlos Sandoval (Mexico, 1956). Works in sound-design and sound installations, improvisation processes and live-electronics, music-theater, written music and the mix of all of them. Creates music also with living-trees connected world-wide via internet using accelerometers. Has been freelance composer since 1989. B.A. in composition in Mexico (National School of Music, 1976-79). Graduate, advanced studies in composition, analysis and theory with J. Estrada (ENM, 1985-90). Piano-design and tuning in the factory Bösendorfer in Vienna (1980-82). Conlon Nancarrow’s assistant in Mexico City (1991-94).  SNCA Fellow (1999-2005). Founder of the Tilt Group and the Interaktion Festival, both in Berlin.  SNCA Fellow (2008-2011).

email: carlos [at] the-tilt.com

Photo: Philippe Gontier



Oori Shalev  — (Israel, 1979). Musician and technological artist, combines sensitive improvisation with digital machinery. His work include interdisciplinary projects and sound-installations. Drummer of both Eastern and Western percussions, he has played with countless groups and musicians of different styles and countries. Lately, performs mostly his solo and duo concerts. Shalev develops hardware and software for real-time sonic interaction. Expert in network-technology, he founded a team of engineers in several large-scale projects for governmental agencies and international corporations.  Co-founder of the-Tilt and Interaktion Festival.

email: oori [at] the-tilt.com

  Kersten Knörzer  —  (Germany, 1977). Corporate designer and web-presentation developer for different companies and civil organizations. Also web designer and cultural manager. Mr. Knoerzer also works in public relations and management for diverse cultural projects. He was founder of the literature magazine Gold and public-relations accountable for the Literaturmesse in Berlin. He also empowered the association of artists and gallery owners Kolonie Wedding. He studied German linguistics, modern history, computer sciences and philosophy at the Humboldt Universität Berlin. Lives in Berlin since 1997.

email: kersten [at] the-tilt.com

  Juliette Montier,  PR —  (France, 1980). works as freelance manager and curator for art festivals, independent art projects or artists groups. She worked for several artistic associations and European organizations in Berlin: Art festival 48 Stunden Neukölln, Multimedia festival Prix Europa, Chinese-German art exchange association, European Information Center, as well as for an art foundation in Paris. Graduate studies in applied foreign languages in Paris (Sorbonne Nouvelle, 2002). She lives and works in Berlin since 2003.

email: juliette [at] the-tilt.com

    Past Collaborators and Partners

Iftah Gabbai
Bertram Hanssum

Detlef Halle

TU Studio, Technische Universität, Germany

UASLP, Mexico

Ballhausnaunyn, Germany

Giardino Sonoro, Italy

Deutsches Technikmuseum, Germany

Mo0biCent, Germany

Quartiersmanagement — Körnerpark, Germany